Multi-Select Ch. River Nymph De Sud, ROM

Hallie is the mother of the infamous ‘Terrible Ten’ Litter – born 11.28.11.  She lives in California with her owner Andrea Meyer and is co-owned by Kathy Armato.

With this one amazing litter, Hallie earned her Register of Merit (ROM)!!! 

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  • BOW/WB at the 2013 AWC National (Juno)
  • Seven conformation champions (Phoenix, Juno, Pebbles, Dash, Ollie, Tango and Tempe)
  • Four ASFA field champions (Tango, Ollie, Pebbles and Juno)
  • Two Best In Field winners (Pebbles and Ollie)
  • Lure Courser of Merit (LCM) (Ollie)
  • Bred By Best in Show (Phoenix)
  • Group Winner (Dash)
  • Three Group Placers (Phoenix, Dash, and Pebbles)
  • Best in Sweepstakes (Juno and Tempe – twice!!)
  • Three Best in Opposite Sweepstakes (Phoenix, Juno and Tango)
  • Rally Novice (Pebbles)
  • Obedience CD (Pebbles)
  • Canine Award of Versatility-  Eligible (Pebbles)
  • All Breed High in Trial (Pebbles)
  • Canadian CD (Pebbles)
  • Tango getting the bunny
  • Tango
  • Brothers coursing (Ollie and Tango)
  • Lydia
  • Ollie Moving
  • Tempe

We are very lucky to have 7 of the Terrible Ten puppies living in MN with their fabulous homes!

Owners of the Terrible Ten puppies (sourced from whippet archives) :

  • “Ollie”  MBIF Ch. Northwind’s Side Kick De Sud, LCM – owned by Dan & Sara Weitzenkamp and resides with his daddy Norris at Round House
  • “Tango”  Ch. Northwind’s Tango De Sud, FCh – owned by Tom & Sandy DePottey & Northwind
  • “Lydia” Northwind’s Saving the Best for Last De Sud – owned by Kathie & Lisa Loeffler & Northwind
  • “Juno”  GCh. Northwind Drops of Jupiter De Sud, FCH – owned by Northwind
  • “Dash”  Group Winning Bronze GCh. Northwind’s Decisive Moment De Sud, Robin Exsted & Northwind
  • “Phoenix” GCh. Northwind Phoenix Rising De Sud – owned by Northwind
  • “Pebbles”  Ch. Northwind’s Pebble Beach De Sud, RN, CD owned by Irene Mulhauer
  • “Tempe” Ch. Northwind’s River Myst De Sud – owned by Andrea Meyer and lives with her Mama, Hallie
  • “Walker” Northwind’s Dreamwalker De Sud – owned by Mary Jane & Marvin Fagalde
  • “Teddy”  Northwind Theodore Roosevelt Leonard Vaugh owned by Nina Leonard