Sired Litters

Norris and Mimi winning Stud Dog and Brood Bitch at the 2017 North Central Regional Specialty under judge Shelley Hennessy




Pregnant Whippet XRay

Pregnant Whippet X-Ray

The litters that Norris has sired to date have been very successful in the show ring, coursing field, barn hunt, dock diving, agility – what can’t they do?!!?  His silly, confident personality has been pushed down to many of his kids.

He is the proud sire of WB/BOW at the 2013 National, BBE BIS, group winners, specialty point winners, Canadian Specialty winners, SB/AOM at Westminster,  2x Top Twenty Contenders (2), OHBIS winners, LCM and LCX title holders, multiple CAV titles, multiple BIF winners, multiple group placements, multiple sweepstakes wins, and many many more successes!!!

Norris’ health tests are all up to date and can be found on the OFA website.  I am so very proud to say that at his last ECHO at 10.5 years old, done by Dr Rebecca Stepian University of Wisconsin, he was cleared to continue breeding and was labeled as ‘text book aging whippet heart’.  That was the best news I could have ever heard.  He will be having another ECHO done October 2020.

Norris Stud Facts to Date:

  • 72Total Puppies
    • 43 Boys
    • 29 Girls
    • 100% Testicles
    • 0% health issues!
Norris’ Loot from 2019 National where he won Best Stud Dog and Best Extended Stud dog under very stiff competition