Ch Northwind Through the Woods to Round House

GChB Kalina Ableaim Cloaked in Legend SC, DS x Ch Northwind’s Some Kind of Wonderful

Click here for pedigree courtesy of the whippet archives

On Rowan’s first two weekends out, he earned three reserve to the majors and a WD/BOW/BOB/BOBOH and a Group 2 under esteemed judge Dr Steve Keating!! What a ride that was!!!

Tired Rowan after such an amazing win!
Rowan winning a BOB/BOBOH and a Group 2 for a 5 Point Major under esteemed judge Dr. Steve Keating
Rowan winning a BOB/BOBOH and a Group 2 for a 5 Point Major under esteemed judge Dr. Steve Keating

Rowan in the Iris

This was another case of ‘I don’t want another puppy!!’ I absolutely adore Norris’ son Oakley (Rowan’s sire) – I actually call him ‘fawn Norris’. So when Kay decided upon using him with Wonder I was very interested in the litter. She graciously invited me up to help whelp the litter – considering I’m planning on having a litter of my own this coming fall. He was the second puppy born, nothing dramatic, no stripes, no issues but he was VERY pretty. We instantly named him ‘Acorn’ after his daddy as he was a spitting image.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, that was the last time I was able to see him, we had weekly zoom conference calls and we all knew how nice he was. My reserve was weakening by the week….mind you Dan had already said ‘get one’ when I was up whelping the litter so he was no help! I would ask about him then drop it…ask again and then say ‘no no that’s silly’…finally at the seven week zoom meeting I knew I had to have that puppy….I called some friends to talk me out of it – they failed miserably. So I made the call and typical Kay pretty much knew from the start – just like with Ollie.

Another part of this is that my dad, Woody, is not doing well. So we wanted to stick with the ‘tree’ theme (litter theme after Oakley) and so we went with ‘though the woods’. He will always be our special boy.

From now on, I told Kay if I ever say ‘yes I want a puppy’ right away, they always pick me at the worst possible time that turns into the best possible time.

So here he is, he is silly, wild, so incredibly sweet with razor-like teeth!