NEW Ch. Ableaim Kalina Sipping a Mint Julep at Round House

Mimi x Norris ~ GCh Ableaim Question Me CD RE AX AXJ CGC CR OTR CAV JC x Nat’l Select, Multi-Select Bronze GCh. Northwind’s Round House Kick, ROM

click here for pedigree

Julep came onto the show scene with a bang!  She won a WB/BOW, a major and two major reserves!!   She finished quickly with 2-three point majors and one 4-point at the Duluth Supported Entry.   Watch for Julep puppies spring of 2021!!

Well as much as I did NOT want another puppy….I was VERY interested in this litter!  Both Mimi and Norris have the best personalities, are multi-talented and their pedigrees were a match I had desired to do for a long time (ie…Gossip’s arrival at our house in November).  When this little squirt was born she caught my eye right away.  Eventually it was Dan and Cydney ‘twisting my arm’ that she would be coming home to live with her daddy.   She fits in perfectly with our family – it’s so fun to watch her grow and see what silly traits she has gotten from her Daddy!

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