Northwind’s Land Shark, FCh, RN, CGC, BN

Gorgeous Gwennie at 10 1/2 years old


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Northwind's Land Shark, FCh, RN, CGC, BN

Photo by Laurie J. Erickson

Princess Gwennie

Photo by Laurie J. Erickson










Gwennie was my first whippet, my very first DOG actually!  After searching and searching for the perfect fit for me I decided that a whippet was what I wanted.

After begging and pleading and bothering and pestering – Gwennie was mine!

She has been such an amazing dog – the biggest princess tom boy you can imagine.  She has trained the family so well, she is in charge here – no one else, and you WILL do what she says when she tells you to – and with this face how can you not?

IMG_0007 (430x640)

Photo by Laurie J. Erickson


Gwennie loves to lure course.  She was once very very good at it, and earned her FCh quickly.  And then she learned to cheat and decided to make up her own course plans so she retired!  She has helped train and certify many new coming runners and continues to run when I let her.


She also earned her Rally Novice and Beginner Novice titles in obedience as well.  From my earlier comment you can imagine how well this went over – Gwennie being told what to do……yea…..not so much!


Baby Gwennie

Baby Gwennie