Our Dogs

We currently have six wonderful whippets and a vizsla!

Gwennie ~ Northwind’s Land Shark, FCh, RN, CGC, BN  (owned by Sara Weitzenkamp, and Bred by Kay Nierengarten)

Norris ~ Nat’l SD, Mutli-Select, Silver GCh. Northwind’s Round House Kick (owned by Sara Weitzenkamp, and Bred by Kay Nierengarten & Irene Mulhauer)

Ollie ~ MBIF Ch. Northwind’s Side Kick De Sud, LCM  (owned by Dan & Sara Weitzenkamp, and Bred by Kay Nierengarten, Kathy Armado & Andrea Meyer)

Gossip ~ Ableaim Ringside Gossip about Round House (owned by Sara Weitzenkamp & Jenny Boyd, and Bred by Gail & Jenny Boyd)

Julep~ Ableaim Kalina Sipping a Mint Julep at Round House (owned by Sara and Dan Weitzenkamp, & Jenny Boyd, & Cydney Petit, and Bred by Gail Boyd and Cydney Petit)

Ares~ ReMark’s Last God of War (owned by Dan and Sara Weitzenkamp & Rebecca Smith, and Bred by Rebecca Smith)

Rowan~ Northwind Through the Woods to Round House (owned by Sara and Dan Weitzenkamp & Kay Nierengarten, Bred by Kay Nierengarten)



Norris 2014 NC

Norris 2014 North Central


Ollie Coursing

Ollie Coursing


Gorgeous Gossip

Gorgeous Gossip


Pretty Julep


Mr Ares

Rowan at 11 weeks