About Us

I have been in whippets since 2006 when I decided I wanted a dog to snuggle with at home at night.  I wanted something very specific…unique, not too big, not too small, doesn’t shed large amount of hair and gorgeous…..after going from A to well, W on the AKC website, I stumbled upon whippets and fell in love.

In January of 2005 at the St Paul dog show, I met my first whippet – it would actually end up being Norris’ mama, Echo.  We sat down to watch the show next to a lady and her whippets and one hopped in my lap and curled up.  I was sold!!

So now here we are with six wonderful whippets and we wouldn’t change it for the world!!

Round House Whippet Family

Round House Whippet Family c.2015

Family Shot