Puppy Application

Thank you for your interest in one of our puppies. Please note, that puppies are placed in the homes that they are most compatible with in their form, function and the role that their owners would like them to serve. My goal is to place puppies into lifelong homes, so it is extremely important that the puppies fit with their prospective owners. If I do not have a puppy that fits your needs in the current litter, other litters may have a puppy that better suits you. Filling out this application does not guarantee a puppy and I reserve the right to deny puppy placement into any home I feel is not a suitable place for the puppy. I also require, that if at any time an owner can no longer care for a puppy/dog, that they be returned to me.

By submitting this application, and if we have a puppy for you, you agree to the following: 1) To keep in touch throughout the life of the dog 2) To update us if your contact information changes 3) To return dog to us NO QUESTIONS ASKED if you can no longer keep it for any reason 4) Discuss potential behavioral or health issues or concerns so we may offer help or advice 5) To pick up the puppy in person, we will not ship